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A blog of a real life hair and makeup artist.

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Introducing me, a real life hair and makeup artist

I am sure you are thinking, "what does she mean 'a real life makeup artist?'" well...let me explain. You know when you enter that well known makeup shop (you know which one I mean) and all you want is a concealer yet you leave with blue, pink and red eye shadow, the thickest foundation on earth, a contouring palette, green lipstick, 5 sets of fake lashes, self tanner, self tanner remover, finishing spray, unfinishing spray (I think you get the point) and all because thats what the sales assistant was wearing that day and she said, 'oh must have this'? Or how about when you go to the hairdressers for a 'trim' because you are desperately trying to grow your hair so that you can develop the best 'en-fleek' hair flip known to Instagram yet leave with a pixie cut? Well I feel your pain.

Hi I'm Laura. A motivated, ambitious procrastinator from the North East of England. I moved down to London 5 years ago after a stint sunning myself in LA (don't tell my mother thats what I was doing). I have been a struggling makeup artist for 13 years and have loved every minute. My career has spanned the entire list of genres including film, fashion and special effects but now I find myself embedded in the wedding industry and I wouldnt change it for the world. Being apart of the best day of a ladies life is precious. Being able to make sure she feels the most beautiful she has ever felt is the challenge. Doing it with a smile on my face and the odd spirt of them theme tune to Frozen is accidental (I can't help myself...) I like equal mixes of high street and high end cosmetic brands, I sometimes go to bed with my makeup still on and my idea of dressing up is to throw on a clean pair of jeans and possibly a trilby hat that has been crushed under the seat of my car for the past 12 months. Im not saying that I am a dirty so and so, I just mean that I am a real person. We all have those days where we simply don't want to wear makeup or wearing our grey pj bottoms to the shop becasue 'no-one will know I have just slept in them' and there is nothing wrong with that.

I follow so many makeup artists and designers and hairstylists on the various social media platforms and will admit a guilty pleasure towards some of their seemlingly perfect 'white company' lifestyles, but also get rather, shall we say, peeved, at their attitude towards reality and how they seem somewhat detached from real people and real life. For example, I used to watch this very well known makeup artist on YouTube as thats what socity told me to do, it was the most popular blah blah and didnt mind the posts to be fair. Until one day there was a video dedicated to foundation. The YouTuber (who shall not be named) proceeded to explain how once you try high end luxury brands, you can never go back to that cheap disgusting high street muck (said in similar words of course). I immediately unsubcribed and never watched again. How dare she! what a close minded person completely disgregards entire makeup companies and their products based purley on price! I was pretty darn disgusted. Way to go alientating probably over half of your viewers who simple cant afford a £50 dior foundation because they are...erm 15!!! Who said that Rimmel doesnt do a good job? Just because you are a massive snob grrrrr. I am a firm beliver that ALL companies have something good to offer. The best makeup artists on the planet have a wide variety of products in their kit. Just look at Lisa Eldridge for example, she will conduct a video using products ranging from MU Academy to Chanel and she is one of the most sort after celebrity makeup artist of all time. Why shouldnt you use a range of products? When you are dealing with the public and real life clients, just keep it real. If you're Kim Kardashians personal makeup artist then go ahead! Bathe in that Armani primer, but if you're not, then keep it damn bloody real. And that brings us back to me. I'm not saying that I am perfect, gosh no! But I at least base my business on listening to clients, honesty, and approachability. You can be the most talented hair and makeup artist in the world but drag a massive black cloud with you through the door. I just want people to be happy and feel comfortable and get an honest but friendly opionion and a damn good hairstyle from their appointment. And that brings us back to my blog. My first ever blog. A real life person blog. I want to display some easy step by steps, a real life opinion, a real life person, a real life hair and makeup artist. I am afriad there will be no step by steps of how to contour the hell out of your face and create the most 'non-scouse-brow-scouse brow' here. Just fun and honest posts from that 'Northerner'. Welcome to my blog. The blog of a real life hair and makeup artist.

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